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Venus Flytrap Tattoo

Charlotte opened her first ‘Venus Flytrap Tattoo’ venus flytrap tattoo edinburgh storestudio in Edinburgh in May 1994 – where the emphasis was very much on custom work, drawing up indidvidual designs for each customer. At this time Charlotte also spent a few weeks working with Bugs at ‘Evil from the Needle’ in London.
After 4 years she was gripped by a desire to get out and see a bit of the world, sold the studio to another tattoo artist and moved to Amsterdam,Holland.

Whilst in Amsterdam, Charlotte teamed up with Mono, a Dutch tattooist, and together they opened ‘Elektra Tattoo’, a custom-only studio in Amsterdams picturesque Jordaan district.
A year later, Charlotte moved on again, this time to Maastricht (on the Dutch/Belgian border) to work in a friends studio. In this studio she got to try her hand at ‘street-shop’ tattooing – working from pre-drawn ‘flash’ designs as well as still producing her own style of custom work.
After four years living and working in Holland it was time to return to the UK – and after a couple of years spent working in various other studios Charlotte finally returned home to Edinburgh.

In January 2004 she opened the doors on a brand new Venus Flytrap Tattoo – this time right in the heart of the Old Town in central Edinburgh. Once more the emphasis is on drawing up individual designs for each customer – only this time Charlotte is mainly producing work in her own distinctive style, combining elements of traditional Japanese tattooing with a multitude of other artistic styles including Manga, Thai art, Hispanic art, and Art Deco. She never stops trying to push herself artistically – drawing and painting constantly, and an obsession with flowers has also become evident!
Charlotte has also been joined in the studio by Cal – another experienced tattooist whose style centres more around comic-book art.

Venus Flytrap Tattoo - Edinburgh Tattoo Map

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