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Still Life Antiques

still life antiques old town edinburgh

Still Life is a traditional Edinburgh Shop in candlemaker still life antiques old town edinburghrow with original paintings, prints & curios.

“Desirabilia is a word everyone knows the meaning of: it is not in the standard dictionaries of English, yet it is understood instantly. Desirabilia is what I sell…”

This place is incredible. I mean, I’ve never been big on antiques, it’s not my thing. But some of the things in Still Life make you want to fill your house with stuff. And it’s cool stuff too – there are copper kettles and china tea sets (very kitsch, darling), old movie posters, coal buckets, garlic stores. It’s piled high to the ceiling with antiques – in fact it’s a little too full. It can be a little daunting, and I was terrified of breaking everything.

The other reason to visit is to just chat with the guy who runs it. Full of antique knowledge and just generally good conversation, he won’t pressure you into buying anything.

Still Life Antiques Edinburgh - Map

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